sharing the faith

IMG_0010Through baptism you are called to embrace Jesus as the way, the truth, the life, and the purpose behind all of your actions. And through the Holy Spirit, you have been strengthened to live out this baptismal calling in simple but dynamic ways. So stop and invite the Holy Spirit to come and stir up the waters of your bap­tism. These living waters are not meant to stagnate. Baptism is an ongoing reality that empowers you to acknowledge Jesus in your everyday world as your Shepherd, Emmanuel, Brother, Lord, Teacher, and Redeemer, especially in ways that bring others to Jesus. Pope Benedict XVI pointed out, “The proclamation of and witness to the Gospel are the first service that Christians can ren­der to every person and to the entire human race, called as they are to communicate to all God’s love, which was fully manifested in Jesus Christ, the one Redeemer of the world.” Excerpt from Sharing the Faith That You Love

Video sharing about dynamic Baptismal life