We appreciate comments, observations and questions. We would also

like to hear about your evangelization efforts.

John and Therese Boucher

Worcester, MA 01605

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  1. Janice Johnson says:

    Hello Therese,

    I am helping to facilitate a Life in the Spirit Seminar this May 2016. We are using your book entitled The New Life in the Spirit Seminars Team Manual. I noticed that there our book resources in the back of your team manual. What book do you recommend we give our participants? I was looking for a workbook that would have teaching and scripture reading and questions for each session. What would you recommend? We are doing this seminar over the course of two days. Thank you.


  2. Terry and John says:

    We recommend the “Prayer Journal for Baptism in the Spirit” You can use the first several days of readings as follow-up for individual prayer after each talk. Then people can be encouraged to pray with the rest of the book, each day after the seminar ends. There is no workbook that includes questions for talks. But you can always ask, “What struck you during this talk?” or What might this mean for you?”

  3. I post pictures on the website for The Word Among Us and came across your picture of the Holy Spirit hovering over the scriptures. I am writing to ask if it is ok if I use your picture to go with an article about prayers to the Holy Spirit.

  4. Stan Isham says:

    Hello John & Terry,

    My name is Stan Isham and I am a member of St Vincent de Paul Parish in Omaha NE. I am working on developing an Evangelization Committee for our parish. I would welcome any suggestions you might have as I begin to work on it. I am ordering your book “Sharing The Faith That You Love”.

    I know that you conduct a ten session training program. Is the training program available on video or in written form?

    I appreciate your help. God Bless,

    Vivat Jesus,

    Stan Isham

  5. Terry and John says:

    Please write to John at and he will share some resources.

  6. Terry and John says:

    Hi Stan,

    Quite a bit of the training is included in the book “Sharing the Faith…” And chapters can be used for weekly training sessions. The whole ten week training is not available in video. Please email John with questions, comments and ideas after you receive the book.

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